1Sharpe: Rethinking digital presence of an institutional investment giant

June 02, 2021

From precision credit to visionary venture capital, 1Sharpe is a full spectrum institutional management firm. 1sharpe partners with top-tier entrepreneurs, operators, and lenders to invest across the capital stack of real estate, structured finance, and technology. A signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, 1Sharpe’s co-founders purchased, managed, and renovated over 20,000+ homes creating over $1B in value since 2016.

Approaching a business milestone, co-founders Rob Bloemker and Gregor Watson, together with their investment team, were looking to rebuild 1Sharpe’s core website and create a digital platform for their new endeavor: 1Sharpe Ventures. 

The task was to create a professional website showcasing 1Sharpe’s prominence with a modern look and feel.

We accomplished this firstly using a combination of dynamic sketch lines and architectural drawings, bringing the focus to the industries 1Sharpe dominated. We then integrated animations to modernize their website and show their innovation.

Their new color palette, which unifies dark blue with golden brown, beige, and grey, communicates the integrity, distinction, and prominence of the 1Sharpe brand. To strengthen 1Sharpe’s description of their strategies and commitments, we provided bespoke iconography to accompany their website copy.

1Sharpe’s VC arm – 1Sharpe Ventures – backs early stage founders transforming real estate. For 1Sharpe Ventures, we wanted to create a playful, modern, inviting look and feel. Remaining true to their overarching brand, we enlisted brighter, bolder iterations of the blue, grey, and yellow hues seen on their parent website for the 1Sharpe Ventures’ color palette, while balancing them with a pastel beige.

We created graphic illustrations with these bright colors that were descriptive of 1Sharpe Ventures’ areas of focus: real estate and construction. We animated them to add dynamism to the website and make it more engaging.

Scrolling through the website reveals irregular geometric shapes representing the complex facets of real estate investments and subtle animations connecting them, displaying 1Sharpe’s promise to bring them together and deliver quality and cohesive results.

Portfolio view: Web Design and Development for 1Sharpe

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