A deeper look at our new website

March 17, 2021
Jessica Longdon
Content Marketing Manager

At the beginning of the month, we launched our brand new website, featuring an updated reel, slick new animations, higher functionality, and a fresh new look. After an amazing year of growth, we believed it was the right time to revamp and improve our digital destination. We not only upgraded our appearance, but we took a deeper look at our structure to improve visitors’ experience of the website.

Look and feel

We redesigned our website such that our signature brand colors would play a more significant role in guiding users throughout the site. Each page can be associated with a different prominent color, visually distinguishing between sections of the website.

Animations and interactivity

We have also developed animations to accentuate and enhance our users’ experience of the website. Subtle and modern, they work to direct focus to essential elements and areas such as our services and previous work. Furthermore, in “our services,” we use interactive hover functionality to highlight the specific column visitors interact with at any given time. All other services are temporarily faded out. 

Our work

We now showcase our work more clearly than before on our homepage with an updated client reel, which immediately manifests in the page’s center, followed by a much larger slider gallery of our latest projects.


We have also updated the “our works” page with an easily accessible filter that clearly exhibits our client work in correspondence to the services we offer, helping users find exactly what they’re looking for

General Navigation

We have designed the Wunderdogs website with navigation as a central focus. Users can engage easily with other content from any page they are currently on. This allows visitors to quickly get all the information they require in a few clicks; be it a gist of our business and offers or answer a deeper question —while remaining engaged.

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