Branding a natural product drug discovery platform

January 13, 2021

Enveda is harnessing the complexity of the natural world to tackle today’s biggest healthcare challenges. With the help of breakthrough advancements in knowledge graphs, machine learning, and metabolomics, Enveda is discovering the next generation of small molecules. Following a $4.9M seed round led by True Ventures, together with Wireframe VC, Village Global, and CEO of Recursion Chris Gibson, Enveda engaged Wunderdogs to rethink their rising bioscience brand and create a new ample website landing in preparation for their launch

We partnered with Enveda to create an identity for the business that reflected their pledge to fairly share benefits from biological resources while representing a synergy of science and nature into “a scientific company of the future.” 

Our main challenge in this branding project was to visually combine the complexity of Enveda’s technology with the elegance of nature-based elements while maintaining approachability and uniqueness. Enveda’s distinguishing feature is their transformative platform for creating new drugs, using Machine Learning technology to discover new compounds and high-value molecules in plants. This is otherwise known as natural product drug discovery. 

As a digital-first brand, Enveda required a highly functional and technological visual language. We’ve developed a simple and adaptive logo with a logomark with three different connotations. 

1. Leaf: an understandable and straightforward representation of their plant-based drug discovery, and Nature as Enveda’s primary inspiration source.

2. Isometric cubes: isometric projection, the method of graphic representation of three-dimensional objects, used by engineers, technical illustrators, and the wider scientific community represents scientific matter as well as the molecular connections that hold all things together in nature.

3. The Letter “E”: the letter “E” inside the logomark customizes and links the logo back to the Enveda Biosciences brand.



Wunderdogs identified very early that the Enveda team associated their brand with dark backgrounds and green highlights which played in our favor. Therefore, our team created a brand to stand out among competitors, which mainly consisted of heavily white websites and generic, neutral color palettes. We used electric green as the primary brand color and introduced it as a highlight in our web work for Enveda. The grayscale palette with two rich shades of dark grey for secondary and background colors allowed us some creative flexibility while building the website. As an additional layer of customization, we developed a texture that we used in our backgrounds and illustrations to create a sense of 3-dimensionality.

Illustrations and animations:

Two key differentiators of Enveda’s brand assets are their website header illustrations and product-explanatory animations. These added dynamism to the website and better served to demonstrate Enveda’s technology. In the static illustrations, we combined the familiar interlinked isometric cubes with black-and-white photography of plants and other objects relevant to the context of each web page. The dynamic illustrations were kept simple enough to clarify lengthy descriptions and were based on the same graphic elements and backgrounds as static illustrations  — cubes and nodes — to create a strong visual link to the logo and establish a consistent visual language. 

Portfolio view: Visual Identity and Web for Enveda Biosciences >>

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