Branding an impact consulting firm Baton Group

December 16, 2020

Baton Group is a coalition of Black business leaders who empower companies to create their own pathway to advancing racial equity, focusing on experiences, education, and accountability in shaping company dialogue, processes, and culture. The team draws on lived Black experiences, insights from research, and years of cross-industry leadership to weave together perspectives and actionable solutions for companies committed to change.

We partnered with Baton Group to create an identity for the business that reflected their values (authenticity, empowerment, knowledge) as well as their commitment to advancing racial equity in organizations. 

Brand identity for Baton Group (c) Wunderdogs

The colors in our visual kit both play an essential role. Deep blue is used throughout the corporate world – it is associated with experience and authority and conveys professionalism. The supporting muted teal injects freshness into the identity. It brings energy to the brand and relays the excitement of change. 

The brand’s first logo mark combines the international symbol of equality with a capital ‘B’ to further reinforce the group’s mission. The equals sign has a secondary meaning when it evolves to become adjacent paths. These paths form patterns that interact with brand photography to symbolize progression and positive change in organizations. The brand’s key visuals are striking posters that use portrait images and the aforementioned patterns to highlight the importance of racial equity within company dialogue, processes, and culture.

Wunderdogs wholeheartedly support Baton Group’s mission. It was a pleasure championing their cause, and we’re thrilled to have created a scalable and bold visual kit that will serve the organization for years to come.

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