Connection is life: branding for a startup telecom company

December 04, 2019

Universal connectivity is probably one of the most pronounced paradigm-shifting trends; half of the world is already connected to the Internet. And right when WiFi becomes the new key requirement in a modern version of Maslow’s pyramid, there is never a reliable network when you need it.

About the company

TechCrunch Hackathon ‘17 finalist, WiFiCoin is leveraging the blockchain to turn WiFi into a global trade-able commodity. Powered by a community-owned token, WiFiCoin is democratizing the way we connect to the world. With the WiFiCoin solution, users gain mobile connection through private routers; owners of those routers receive payment for providing access to the over-abundance of their WiFi. To put it simply, WiFiCoin is building a public WiFi Hotspot.

Our solution

Working closely to the WiFiCoin founding team, Wunderdogs created a dynamic identity for the company that reflects its daring spirit. WiFiCoin’s mission is optimistic, motivating and democratic. These qualities helped guide the creation of the new identity. In addition, we took inspiration in the concepts of a connected world; a place where blockchain commodification empowers people and communities.

Modern, friendly and accessible, the new logo represents two hands holding a WiFi icon, revealing the company’s commitment to revolutionize telecom. Together the symbol form a concentric flower shape with rounded corners.

Meanwhile, to balance out the shape tenderness, we introduced a gradient of bold green colors. It visually activated the logo and conveyed the idea of universal accessibility. In addition, the bold palette consists of a distinctive shade of fluorescent green gradients, alongside with orange highlights. As a result, this color combination suggests the company’s vibrant energy together with deep technological roots.

Further, triangles are in the core of WiFiCoin visual identity. Triangles aren’t just mathematically significant strong shapes; they are the simplest polygon. Above all, they are fundamental to the way we build our environments, both physical and virtual. To further enhance the visual identity, we’ve developed a set of unique outline-based vector icons reflecting aspects of the company’s areas of operation.

WiFiCoin: Telecom branding by Wunderdogs

To sum up, the simple graphic approach to startup branding extends to company’s stationery, signage and collateral.

Portfolio view: brand identity for WiFiCoin

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