Branding for EVERID: the dawn of the Biometrics

January 28, 2020

The inability to prove identity impedes access to basic human rights such as healthcare and education for over a billion people. Without verifiable identity, individuals are unable to access banking to receive value or credit, preventing economic development.

Blockchain technology has the potential to help the unbanked by allowing them to create their own financial alternatives, while Biometrics enables to create a powerful alternative authentication tools for unverified.

EverID is the world’s only device-free, globally accessible, digital identity platform. Through the use of digital identities, digital wallets, document management, and biometrics, EverID users will be able to digitally verify their identity for public services and claim their social and economic rights.

With support from a brilliant team of advisors (such as Aya Miyaguchi, Atsushi Taira, President Toomas Hendrik, Dr. Virgil Griffith, Dr. Alfred Watkins and others), EverID is working towards an ambitious goal to become a global Identity Network Foundation for the common good of the planet and a mobile value transfer Dapp.

Wunderdogs worked closely with CEO Bob Reid (BitTorrent, Kai Labs, GM) and CTO Brad Witteman (Emergent/DAOstack, Moby) to develop a brand new identity, website and a hot pitch dog that reflect the specialized focus of the firm and its roots in science and technology. One of the big design challenges we faced was to create a memorable identity to help EverID stand out as they were transferring from B2B to B2C space.

The contemporary attitude of the new identity reflects EverID’s vision and purpose. The identity centers on a distinctive uppercase “ID” which the designers drew as an aerodynamic letterform with a fingerprint in its core. A seamless combination of color-switching blocks together with simple moving forms suggests the DNA-focused and Blockchain-enabled scientific foundation of the company. Color palette includes dark blue and white as primary colors together with coral and mint highlights, suggesting sharp contrasts throughout the website’ minimalist layouts.

Portfolio view: Visual Identity, Pitch Deck and Website for EverID

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