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January 28, 2020

Ether Cyrcus is a publishing platform based on decentralized technology rooted in the Ethereum Blockchain. Ether Circus is a creator-friendly, technologically advanced product with a mission to provide universal freedom of speech & expression and fair and transparent pay for creatives. Wunderdogs were inspired to work on brand identity and app UX/UI design for EC.

The primary objective for us was to create an extremely memorable, bold identity that resonates with both highly technological and ‘nerdy’ aspect of the product and the feeling of universal freedom, creativity, and transparency. Ether Cyrcus enables more people to write, create and publish. It enables more people to say what they think out loud.

Following the steps of the founder of gonzo journalism, Wunderdogs took inspiration in Hunter S. Thompson’s novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and a psychedelic satirical road film of the same name, celebrating the culture of freedom, endless creativity and weirdness. We merged “Fear and Loathing” with the contemporary visual effect called “Glitch” – the practice of using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes. In Ether Cyrcus, glitch is not a crash in the program: it represents EC brand as a bug in the current centralized system that will inevitably lead to its reinvention.

For the Ether Cyrcus logo, we used simple and clear typography with grotesque font and a discrete glitch effect that represents the core brand message of uniqueness, creativity and digital culture in a seamless and memorable way.

EC’s landing page was created for ETH developer conference in Prague. Its engaging interface is organized around an interactive ‘glitchy’ layer that shifts in shapes and colors as well as ever-changing numerical values and words that collapse and re-build themselves into six core differentiators of the brand: “decentralized”, “uncensorable”, “no intermediary”, “data portability”, “data ownership”, “open source”.

The new identity has been applied to the complex Ether Cyrcus app UX/UI design, echoing the logo’s “simplicity with a glitch” and using dark, glowing palette for graphics throughout the application.

Ether Cyrcus mobile app is the main identity carrier, as well as the core piece of EC’s innovative technological ecosystem. Fully functional on Ethereum Blockchain, the mobile app allows users to view and directly endorse content by sending small amounts of ETH to the publishers and authors while avoiding any middlemen. Presented on Devcon iv in Prague, Ether Cyrcus mobile app uses extremely complex and novel technology while making it fully accessible to the non-technical user through intuitive app UX/UI design.

Portfolio view: Visual Identity and mobile UX/UI for Ether Cyrcus


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