Creating a brand for Decentralized Gaming Association

January 28, 2020

The Decentralized Gaming Association is an independent organization with the mission to celebrate blockchain technology and its benefits for the gaming industry. In order to help DGA raise to a more visible and influential position in the industry, Wunderdogs developed a brand identity that reinforces it as a vital platform and helps attract the attention of new audiences. Our gaming branding exercise has been conceived as an adaptive kit of parts that can be extended as the company grows and establishes partnerships with other organizations.

The idea in the core of DGA’s succinct brand identity is that by harnessing the power of innovation, practical action and cross-sector collaboration, blockchain technology can reinvent the way one of the already most innovative industries – gaming – works.

DGA brand behaves with daring, style and practicality. For this gaming branding exercise, Wunderdogs has designed a bright, colorful identity that captures the creative spirit of the industry and helps promote DGA as it builds the network of partners and supporters. The logotype has been adjusted to produce rounded letterforms, born from complete circles, reflecting the sustaining and social nature of DGA’s ethos. Same shape turned by 45 degrees, represents a different letter in three occasions: D, G and A.

The logotype is accompanied by an expressive use of color in playful patterns that evoke pop culture and sticker art. The scrappy and vibrant look extends to other elements and forms a flexible visual language that can be creatively used to communicate campaigns and align with third-party partnerships. By utilizing modern color palettes, consistent layouts and inclusive imagery styles across print and digital applications, the brand guidelines deliver a clear type-led aesthetic that allows plenty of room for expression.

Portfolio view: Visual Identity for DGA


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