Defining the brand for GVA Capital: a startup-friendly seed fund

January 28, 2020

GVA.Capital is a San Francisco-based investment branch of Global Venture Alliance (GVA) focused on supporting early stage brands in science-intensive tech. Wunderdogs have designed the identity, brand messaging and website, collaborated on a series of branded events and digital social media initiatives for the company that reflect its positive, approachable and fresh point of view.

A global ecosystem that empowers people all over the world through funding, education and community, GVA established a U.S. seed and pre-seed stage fund in the heart of Silicon Valley. The partners have invested in Luminar, Diamond Foundry, Opus12 and Astro Digital among others. GVA.Capital team is entrepreneur-friendly and work closely with startups to achieve their goals.

In order to help the company stand ground in an extremely competitive micro VC environment of Silicon Valley, Wunderdogs worked closely with GVA.Capital team to develop a unique look & feel appealing to young entrepreneurs and activate it across multiple channels.

The designers set the logotype in everlasting Helvetica Neue, which has fluid curvatures within geometry-based letterforms in order to highlight the company’s adaptability to different environments and underline formality within their work. Using black and white contrast as a playground for fluorescent highlights, designers introduced a bold palette of reds, blues, greens and yellows that shape company’s website.

The website’s content reconfigures itself to fit perfectly onto smartphones, tablets, laptops and hi-res Retina displays. Stressing the seed stage DIY spirit, designers created a set of unique hand-drawn gifs that represent each of the funds’ 24 investments in a positive and humorous manner. This approach extends to the team section which includes GVA.Capital favorite mascot – ‘That Guy Who Never Left’ – as a team member.

In order to strengthen the company’s digital presence and underline their humane approach to doing business, Wunderdogs launched to comic campaigns on social media: The V in VC (where the “V” stands for Vagina) – a modern take on a life of a female investor – and Silicon Valley alphabet – 26 comic cards reflecting on startup life – based on open-sourced Silicon Valley Dictionary.

Lastly, we launched a series of branded events for young investors in the backyard of GVA.Capital headquarters: VC Beer Pong League. Remember those famous Beer Pong tournaments? 10 Cups on each side overflowing with beer like the swelling tides… Aimed at bringing together young professionals and creating a community of friendly VCs for GVA.Capital to be able to tap into a strong local network, we teamed up with The World Series of Beer Pong for monthly events of beer, grill and play.

Portfolio view: Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Website and Events for GVA Capital

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