Web Design for a Space Tech startup

July 14, 2020

Near Space Labs is part of the rapidly expanding $60B geospatial imaging market. The start-up is democratizing high-quality, high-resolution imagery by allowing enterprises, communities, and individuals to monitor assets from above in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.  

Guided by Near Space Labs’ visual assets, Wunderdogs designed the company’s pitch deck and a brand new website.

The website design is based on the company’s original branding and primary brand colors. Wunderdogs extended NSL’s brand assets and selected additional palettes and fonts to compliment the brand’s all important differentiator, their product – high resolution, high quality, stratospheric imagery.

Our challenge was to create an interface that would be minimalistic enough to not overshadow the imagery, but bold enough to be unique and recognizable whilst acting as a complimentary extension of NSL’s current identity. To achieve this we balanced saturated and monochrome colors and used a solid and adaptable grid as the foundation of all web pages.

Portfolio view: Web Design & Development and Pitch Deck Design for Near Space Labs

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