Sophos Productions: A new brand and website for a marketing education startup

March 04, 2020

Founded by experienced educators and digital marketing experts from Silicon Valley, Sophos Productions is an online education provider committed to “Educating where technology disrupts”. The team focuses on topics at the intersection of technology and business – such as digital marketing, analytics, design thinking and entrepreneurship – between them they have helped close to a hundred thousand professionals navigate the digital world.

The founding team approached Wunderdogs whilst on the cusp of rapid growth. They wanted to overhaul the brand creating a 360 experience for new and existing clients across all touch-points: website, videos, classroom materials, and social. Sophos Productions is establishing itself as the go-to marketing education brand for tech-enabled companies. Boasting an already impressive clients list including the likes of Facebook and Walmart they needed a creative partner to bring their vision to life, Wunderdogs was the perfect fit.

To prepare the brand for growth we re-aligned the business value proposition through extensive research and strategy work, paying close attention to the mission statement ‘Educating Where Technology Disrupts’.

A unique and future-proof visual language followed, one loosely based on the concept of a looking glass. Much like a looking glass Sophos brings clarity to the unclear, their resources enhance their students learning. The concept can be seen in the logo and secondary graphic elements which are abstract representations of the glass.

Sophos’ primary palette consists of three energetic colors: Navy, Teal, and Yellow – all present in the logo used for throughout digital and print materials. The brand’s colorful palette is counter-balanced by the calming rounded shapes of our font choice, Circular Std.

We then transformed the Sophos site from a minimal landing into a beautiful multi-page interactive website – giving the brand the perfect digital presence for attracting new partners and clients. Their interactive digital presence was elevated further through the production of bespoke, brand led instagram story courses – an innovative new way to engage students and promote the brands unique approach to eduction.

Armed with our flexible and expansive brand tool kit Sophos Productions is perfectly primed to continue their meteoric growth.

Portfolio view: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy and Web Design for Sophos Productions

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