Everest: creating a new brand for a global financial services pioneer

August 25, 2021

Creating a user-controlled society based on transparency, agency, fairness, and freedom is an ambitious goal, but one Everest is committed to achieving. 

The multi-layered financial platform is the world’s only device-free and globally accessible digital transaction protocol with built-in identity recognition. Through the use of digital identities, electronic wallets, document management, and biometrics, users digitally verify their identity for public services and claim social and economic rights.

In summer 2021, Everest became the first company in the world to obtain a Virtual Financial Assets license – enabling them to provide a fully regulated, programmable stablecoin and an integrated infrastructure for global value transfer. To put it simply; users can make cross-border payments without needing to obtain additional licenses.

With the team expanding and the product ready for mass-market, Everest approached Wunderdogs for help creating a futureproof brand and a scalable digital presence to support their next phase of growth. 

Brand refresh

The Everest brand is clean, minimal, and modern. It combines an institutional feel with the usability of a crypto wallet. Our challenge was appealing to early adopters whilst building a brand that attracts mass-market interest and catches the attention of traditional institutions. With regulation and security being a hot topic in crypto, Everest wanted a brand that feels safe, innovative, and professional. 

The Everest brand:

A brand refresh should be progressive yet simple. The core principles of the identity must remain intact while expanding to accommodate new themes and features.

With the leadership team wanting to retain the form of the logo, our goal was to update it whilst staying true to the concept. The edges have been softened to make the brand more modern and approachable, the logotype has been updated to lowercase, with the first letter spliced to mirror the angle of the logomark. This subtle treatment makes Everest more recognizable in the market and will become an iconic feature of the brand as it scales. This new logo is more versatile and is easier to use across all channels. 

The color palette was modified to bring more intricacy and sophistication to the brand. The primary teal was replaced with a darker blue – a color representative of security and reliability, while the gradient treatment was retained as a visual representation of positive change and a nod to the previous logo. 

Our main inspiration for the new Everest Suite icons was glass-morphism: emphasizing dark or light objects by placing them on top of colorful backgrounds. Shadows and transparency support the gradient treatment throughout the icons to allow for a greater level of detail in applications. 

The result of this graphic update is an innovative and adaptive design system that speaks to both early crypto adopters and the more conservative side of the financial sector. 


The updated visual style is brought to life on Everest’s website

‘Mouse over’ and ‘scroll’ animations make pages more responsive and maximize content engagement. Animations are simple so as not to distract users. 

To avoid scrolling fatigue on content-heavy pages a secondary navigation system was added. An automatic scroll takes users to the section they’re looking for, giving them complete control and instant access to relevant content.

Product imagery and bespoke iconography bring a unique feel to both web and mobile. They help establish the new Everest brand and connect with users on a more personal level.

A good user experience relies on visitors being able to clearly identify what is clickable. Gradient colors and mouse-over hover effects are used throughout the site to distinguish primary and secondary actions.

Twitter and Medium have also been integrated into the Everest website to drive awareness, increase web engagement and build a bigger social following.

Portfolio view: New brand and website for blockchain-enabled financial services platform

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