Good Juju Ink: New Brand and e-commerce platform for a San Francisco design house

October 27, 2020

Good Juju is a high-end illustration design house. Started by Juliana Tyson (Juju) and her husband Ryan Kissick in ~2014, Good Juju Ink produces high quality, sophisticated yet friendly paper goods for adult gifting. They describe their brand as, “A kind, authentic lifestyle brand identity aimed at bringing happiness to daily life through stationery and beyond.”

Good Juju Ink logo. (c) Wunderdogs

Good Juju Ink was looking to strengthen their direct-to-consumer channel through updating their visual identity and website; they wanted to become a less “generic” brand when it came to their visual identity and occupy the currently empty category of “positive and inclusive brand for adults who love gifting” — a category that, once defined, should serve as an umbrella for their growth efforts as they expand into desk stationery, home goods and beyond.

Wunderdogs was therefore tasked with creating a new brand identity and e-commerce website for Good Juju Ink.

We began by exploring Good Juju Ink’s solid encapsulation of their current brand from their extensive founding story and firm sense of likes and dislikes to their clear-cut vision and values, and current positioning. From this, we developed a concept alluding to the positive point of view that at Good Juju the glass is always half full – of magic, creativity, ideas, and of course, ink! Good Juju’s products are about empowering thoughtfulness, whimsy, and joy.

This concept is visually relayed in their logo with the letter G in Bell MT font turned counterclockwise at a 90-degree angle, to resemble an ink pot that is half full. We then developed a warm, fun, and lighthearted color palette of pink, beige, and soft rusty red to portray a sophisticated yet whimsical feel. 

Portfolio view: New Brand and e-commerce platform for Good Juju Ink

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