Head in the Cloud: branding the universal distributed file system LucidLink

January 28, 2020

With everyone and everything moving faster, every day becomes all about our efficiency. LucidLink exists for the benefit of high-tech companies and remote teams that want to collaborate more seamlessly and efficiently wherever they are in the world. LucidLink is a universal distributed file system that streams data directly from cloud so that applications can use remote data as if it’s local. To put it simply, it allows customers to use cloud as a local storage in a seamless and secure way from any point in the world.

Wunderdogs has designed a bold new identity, website and pitch deck for the cloud-based infrastructure that will help establish it as a global brand.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, LucidLink is transforming the way remote teams work all over the globe. In its core, a completely new file system truly optimized for the cloud. LucidLink is at the forefront in the evolution of cloud services and storage: the startup has been remarkably successful so far, allowing it’s customers to increase productivity, integrate and streamline collaboration without worrying about security risks.

LucidLink lets companies think big, and our design challenge was to create a new brand identity that would help it to stand out as a reliable partner in the noise of ever-growing $270B cloud computing market.

At the same time, LucidLink wanted to demystify the complex technology and present it in a more approachable way, to speak to the audience far beyond ecosystem architects and engineers. The company sought to elevate the B2B experience, treating a complex back-end technology as an important commodity for tech co’s by building in human appeal that would help educate and attract cloud solution seekers of all kinds.

The designers worked closely with LucidLink co-founders Peter Thompson, George Dochev and David Bull to develop the new identity.

A modern reinterpretation of classic design, Nirmala font family was chosen as a primary typeface for LucidLink. Supported by timeless Helvetica Neue, Nirmala provides a solid balance of heritage and contemporary feel for the brand.

The traditional feeling of typography is juxtaposed with a contemporary mark that resembles a cloud icon. Based on the golden ratio, LucidLink logo consists of three intersecting circles, creating a strong and modern signage. Together, the logo and type create an identity that straddles old and new, bringing fresh vibrancy to the brand while anchoring it firmly in a classical tradition of fundamental mathematical principles.

The circular shapes play an important role and work as a core graphic element in LucidLink brand identity. Since the very dawn of mankind, the circle had a divine, sacred symbolism with a vast majority of interpretations in every culture, on each continent. Circle embodies the essence of energy, power and growth. It serves as a visual interpretation of timeless infinity, imposing the feeling of balance, stability and security. Intersecting circles form the core of brandʼs philosophy and act as an ecosystem and a process, conveying the idea of connectivity and creative synergy.

The designers developed a color system of primary and secondary colors: a bright palette of greens and blues representing the classics of modern tech co design enriched with easily distinguishable oranges and minimalistic greys. In addition, a series of custom icons that are used to represent industry- and product-related termins.

This flexible kit provides a visual language that will allow LucidLink to grow organically and continuously add to its line of products while still staying true to its core identity. The simple graphic approach extends to company’s stationery, merchandise, gift sets and accessories like flashcards, bags, cards and branded posters.

This elegant simplicity carries through to the new LucidLink website, which features a streamlined, easy-to-use format that quickly surfaces information about the impressive range of technical features and use cases. The site accommodates novices and experts alike with appropriate levels of information. The engaging interface is organized around the most critical elements of LucidLink service proposal with a simple pricing breakdown leading up to the long-awaited product demo.

Portfolio view: Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Collateral and Website for LucidLink

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