Launching a new Blockchain-based retail experience with BlockV

January 28, 2020

BlockV is a blockchain-enabled platform for developers to create digital goods that have real-world value and are immune from fraud. These digital objects – or vAtoms – work in any ecosystem, are obtainable anywhere and store actual transactional value. At scale, vAtoms have the power to fully transform the landscape of physical, digital and social advertising.

BlockV platform provides education, support, and a complete toolkit to create and emit vAtoms. With a wide selection of templates and built-in actions available, BlockV made it easy for developers to quickly deploy highly interactive experiences on or off blockchain.

Wunderdogs designed a striking motion design package to explain BlockV technology using simple and approachable visual language prior to the token generation event and a conference deck that supported the startup team in their winning pitch at the biggest pitch competition d10e in 2017. We worked closely with the team to understand the complex technological core and help bring digital objects to real, tangible life.

The animations capture the dynamism of moving particles and digital objects focusing on the multi-layered structure of vAtom – the driver for the next ‘interface moment’. White neutral background serves as a playing field for colorful highlights and shapes that form bits and pieces of BlockV’s technological core.

Smart, witty and confident, the identity complements the cool of BlockV team and their groundbreaking technology.

Portfolio view: Video and Pitch Collateral

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