Miller’s: Creating a new e-commerce channel for California’s leading meat producer

July 08, 2021

Born in San Francisco, Miller’s Hot Dogs has been in business for over 100 years. The products are sold both under the Company’s core brand and white label to various third-party customers under co-packing agreements. As Miller’s rebranded, intending to expand beyond the hot dog sector, they engaged Wunderdogs to design and build a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform to establish the brand as the leading quality meats provider in the continental U.S.

The key objectives for Miller’s website were to aptly showcase and promote Miller’s brand and products by emphasizing innovation and shelf velocity and illustrating how to get the best of their products. We also needed to create a customer-centric and hassle-free user and buyer experience.

Since Miller’s had recently updated their packaging, we adopted some of these branding elements and incorporated them into the web design. We enlisted the contrast of black and white for the website’s color palette, together with golden key lines, for an overall classic feel. We then balanced this with modern typography.


With their website goals in mind, we made sure to populate Miller’s homepage with an overview of their fantastic range of products, information on the brand’s rich history, exciting recipes to make with their meats, and where to buy their products.


The website’s top navigation is immediately apparent to visitors and contains easy-to-understand and straightforward options to guide users throughout the site.


Imagery plays a vital role on this website. We used Miller’s bright and vivid images of their products, people, and recipes, to accentuate significant descriptions and essential information, adding dynamism and vibrance to the website. These visuals make the website more engaging, help advertise Miller’s products and improve user experience by guiding visitors as they browse.

Product page

The Miller’s products page features large bold images of each product, precise and descriptive filters to aid searching, clear and interactive calls to action, and the option to sort products in various ways to simplify the purchasing process as much as possible.

Portfolio view: New e-commerce platform for California’s heritage meat company

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