MoonHub: data-driven smart feed for crypto enthusiasts

March 18, 2020

MoonHub is an integrative social platform that facilitates the aggregation, analysis, sharing and practical application of crypto-focused data, regardless of trading level. 

In a nutshell, Moonhub provides crypto traders with the content they need to make informed financial decisions, all in a single package. Moscow-based Moonhub team approached us with a challenge to create a unified identity based on three main brand’s characteristics: the concepts of Efficiency, Community and Flexibility.

Moonhub’s identity uses Roboto highlighted with accents of Share Tech and Source Code Pro. Moonhub’s identity is based on a purple color palette using several cold highlights (#5741D9, #827EFE) and graphite neutrals (#2A2A2A, #EFEFEF, #827EFE). Purple is the primary color used on predominantly dark, blue-gray backgrounds.

The brand logomark is a minimalistic yet friendly image of a space rover that is further developed into a series of playful icons and illustrations. As the brand hero, the space rover is at the center of Moonhub’s community, adding relatable, emotional context to the brand while embodying speed and efficiency of the platform.

Moonhub’s key visuals derive from the modern, slightly eclectic and comic-inspired illustration style. This illustrative style is applied throughout brand’s social media channels and marketing collateral, both in print and digital. Moonhub’s printed and digital materials are based on square grids with the number of columns and rows depending on the media’s restrictions.

Portfolio view: Brand identity and UX/UI for Moonhub


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