New brand for Zeitgold, Germany’s leading fintech startup

January 28, 2020

Zeitgold is a Berlin-based AI company providing a complete automated solution for financial administration of small businesses.

Wunderdogs reworked the brand’s basic visual identity and prepared an extensive brand book and illustration guidelines for the firm. The updated identity served to create a set of marketing collateral materials, Zeitgold’s brand new website, and UI kit.

Zeitgold came to us with a logo and primary color palette which we used as a basis for creating a full and consistent visual image.

Using Z’s primary Navy color as a baseline, we extended the brand’s color palette adding Dark Blue, Teal, Purple and highlighting Magenta. White became Z’s most important color, in order to keep the identity as simple and free from decoration as possible. Zeitgold’s composition is deliberately spacious in order to maximize the available white space in both digital and print.

We selected sleek and simple Proxima Nova as Zeitgold’s new primary font. A popular typeface designed by Mark Simonson, Proxima Nova is a hybrid of Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk, combining a geometric appearance with modern proportions.

Zeitgold’s updated identity is illustration and icon-heavy. Working closely with the firm’s VP of Marketing Daniel Kob, we’ve developed an illustration style that is minimalistic, descriptive and friendly.

We’re confident that this visual kit will provide a design language that will allow Zeitgold to build a memorable identity and maintain a strong, bullet-proof brand.

Portfolio view: Brand Identity, Graphic Design and Website for Zeitgold

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