Bright Money: designing a new site for a financial planning AI platform

September 24, 2021
Daria Gonzalez

Based between San Francisco and Bangalore and backed by Sequoia, Hummingbird and Falcon Edge, Bright Money is a 100+ people strong startup with a mission to double the wealth of every consumer, by making advanced financial planning accessible to everyone. In its core, a patented system of 34 algorithms with top-grade bank-level security – MoneyScience – developed and tested on over 50,000 users. As Bright Money was approaching a new business milestone, the in-house team conducted a visual identity refresh – and was seeking for creatives to partner with in order to bring this new brand to life on the website.

We started by conducting a design sprint exercise in order to identify a right path for further visual development – in order to bring the site to life, we needed to understand how to expand existing color palette, typography and logotype to create on-brand key visual elements. As a result of the exercise, we came to a consensus that bringing forward real people in their natural settings and with natural dynamism will help extend the identity to appeal humane and warm in order to balance out the strong technological feel of the product. 

The imagery used was selected to represent brightness, future and hope. Using people from different demographics and ages helped to further highlight Bright’s ambitions and vision.

It celebrates how an innovative solution improves the lives of real people: propelling them into a better future. Relatable, realistic and peaceful imagery is contrasted with flat, bright and energetic graphics. 

We further enhanced this user-centred photography with supporting graphics that represent the feelings and progress experienced with Bright.

We specifically selected modern typography and bright colour palette to firstly align with the brands persona, stand out amongst competitors and show that bright is a forward thinking business with a future.


When designing Bright Money’s website, we further developed the energetic and bold visual graphics with the abstract shapes symbolising the various elements of the users finances
coming together with the help of Bright.

We also ensured that each page had a connecting feel, with strong interactions between the elements; typography, abstract shapes, paths/lines, illustrations and imagery.

Bespoke illustrations were used throughout the website. We ensured that firstly the icons related well to the copy while being as creative as possible. Using a 3D style allowed the illustrations to be unique and add depth to the overall look and feel of the website.

From a UX point of view, we needed to make sure that the large amounts of content were easy for the user to access, this meant ensuring we had a good hierarchy of type, as well as a balanced amount of spacing between sections and elements on the page and obvious CTA’s to the user.

Portfolio view: New website design for Bright Money

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