Nonprofit branding that makes a dent in America’s education

January 28, 2020

One of our favorite nonprofit branding cases is the work we’ve done for Dent Education – an educational organization that empowers students from underprivileged families to discover and develop their innate creative potential to shape the world around them.

Founded in Baltimore, Maryland, Dent Education is a powerful young global organization that already scaled their efforts in India and Asia Pacific as well as across the U.S. through growing network of partner schools, mentors and funders.

In December 2018, it was time for Dent Education founders to make a move towards a more sleek and scalable identity in order to accelerate company’s growth.

The main challenge of this nonprofit branding case was for us to refine the current identity and scale it onto a complex umbrella of educational programs.

Dent’s renewed logo became more consistent and graphically proportional. We see it as a tool kit – each section of letter «D» is allocated to a certain sub-branding principle. At this point, only 2 out of the 4 logo sections have functions – for the future Dent would be able to use the rest.

To brand the projects in Dent’s framework, we are using the two graphic approaches: a section of the logo + an icon. Currently, Dent has two project categories for sub-branding – the school’s programs and student projects. The iconography, in turn, is based on a graphic metaphor – a solid or an outlined circle represents the non-profit as an educational holistic experience – so all of the icons symbolizing a process within the program contain one.

Dent has a lot to say – so we are using a lot of infographics, and all of them should have some graphic moves in common. For dividers, joining elements of graphs and many other we developed a series of stroke styles that can be applied onto any path. These graphics could also be used to represent different steps/approaches within Dent’s activity (ex.: roadmap, design process, etc.)

Dent’s poster for digital or print have a separate layout rule: they are based on a grid and depending on what kind of project category they present they have different graphic elements as a part of the layout’s imagery (Dent logo sections).

Our another challenge was to create an informative and engaging website that speaks to students, teachers and program partners. We developed custom graphics to explain complex topics in an elegant yet simple way. Our smart web infrastructure delivers a seamless user experience, with over 300 graphics and pictures housed on the website with zero impact on loading speed.

Portfolio view: Visual Identity, Marketing Collateral and Website for Dent Education

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