Our partnership with Women in Leadership + Design by AIGA

January 28, 2020

WILD (Women In Leadership and Design) is an initiative launched by AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) as part of organization’s efforts to ensure gender parity in design.

Wunderdogs had a privilege to join WILD as a creative extension of their incredible management team to design the brand’s identity and apply it onto WILD’s new website that serves as a digital hub for the design community of San Francisco.

WILD came to us with a logo and a color palette designed by Sarah Lutz which we used as a basis for creating a full and consistent visual image. We’ve developed two main principles of WILD’s graphic look:

First principle is based on the ‘smooth’, calm and neutral feel that should not relate to anything aggressively ‘activist’. WILD’s image should look confident as well as free of traditionally feminine signs. Graphically, we are achieving that by using smooth corners in the website’s content frames and info-blocks and slightly rounded typography, the F37 Ginger Font.

And just like we believe this principle should be followed while designing any website, we attempted to use as little decoration as possible by enhancing the identity with specific interface animations and the ‘w’, ‘plus’ and ‘slash’ shapes. And of course, WILD’s smart color palette does most of the decoration work. We improved it by adding a set of functional gradients that are used both as filters for the website’s imagery and as separate fills or backgrounds for typography.

We started developing WILD’s identity along with its website, therefore most of its graphic constants were created as adaptive interface elements. Its ‘digital’ and to some extent ‘generative’ nature of the identity matches the community’s innovative and fresh message of gender parity.

Synthesizing identity design and website design processes was a bold and risky move, but it turned out to be the ultimate success for both Wunderdogs and WILD.

Portfolio view: Visual Identity and Website for WILD by AIGA


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