Quantum Energy Partners: aligning the website with the firm’s values and strategy

July 14, 2021

Quantum Energy Partners strives to build companies that help ensure a responsible transition to a net-zero carbon future, what Quantum refers to as the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem.  Through its high-tech and data-driven approach, strong commitment to ESG, and long-time industry experience, Quantum is helping to set the global standard for energy excellence. Wunderdogs’ efforts helped Quantum shape how it communicates this message through its website and marketing materials.

We started by refreshing Quantum’s overall messaging, focusing on the ways the firm is advancing today’s energy for tomorrow’s world. After a messaging workshop and series of exercises, we crafted a set of short-, medium- and long-form statements that Quantum applied throughout its website to highlight its values and strategy.

Our main challenge was to introduce an identity throughout their website that relayed Quantum’s messaging while remaining sleek and modern. We did this by incorporating interface animations, inspiring imagery, and engaging videos throughout the website. We also made sure to integrate elements of their existing logo into the rest of the website, especially on the homepage.

The color scheme of the site, mainly consisting of solid grey and white, suggests integrity and quality. The various blue and green colors across the website represent Quantum’s commitment to “green” energy and a sustainable future.

Quantum’s website holds a large amount of information regarding its strategy, investment portfolio, and ESG impact. Therefore, we sought to optimize the user experience by enlisting time-saving tools such as sliders, carousels, anchors, and pop-ups. Such approaches help to break up heavy blocks of text into bite-sized pieces and allow users to navigate to the relevant information quickly.  This is especially important as most visitors to Quantum’s website come through mobile devices.

To further engage visitors to Quantum’s site, we incorporated bespoke To further engage visitors to Quantum’s site, we incorporated bespoke iconography and animated diagrams to accompany and accentuate its narratives, such as the firm’s history and values.

Portfolio view: New website for a Houston-based energy investment company

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