Salesroom: Establishing a digital presence for an enterprise video conferencing pioneer

August 31, 2021

With the pandemic devastating multiple businesses in 2020, the pressure rose for account executives who were expected to deliver more than before. Though times had changed, resources hadn’t, leaving a massive gap between challenge and solution. The greatest hurdle was communicating collaboratively with the prospective buyers, quickly diagnosing their problems, and organizing all stakeholders around a joint plan of action. Salesroom combined sales-specific workflows with rich video capabilities, enabling a different caliber of virtual meetings. 

Salesroom’s product places people at the heart of every interaction, and their software works extensively to keep participants on the same page and working towards a common goal. Looking for a partner to build their digital presence before product launch, serial entrepreneur and investor Roy Solomon approached Wunderdogs for our expertise in creating unique and memorable enterprise websites. 

Salesroom came to us with a bright and fresh color palette, sturdy logo, and foundational identity guidelines. Our main challenge was therefore to marry their existing identity with a trustworthy user experience and state-of-the-art interactive web features. 

We first did this through animation. We set certain web elements to slide, hover and glide to showcase Salesroom’s technical prowess and enhance user experience. We also experimented with different kinds of imagery, illustrations and video to draw users in, keep them engaged, enhance the messaging and accentuate the web copy. 

Using Salesroom’s vibrant color palette, we explored different combinations to create the best balance between Calls to Action, Titles and Body text, and various sections of the website to ensure a smooth and coherent user flow. The animations and color combinations helped maintain the brand identity’s boldness and brightness without overwhelming users.

Through their new digital platform, the Salesroom team will be able to gain early traction and follow-on funding. Their website is simple yet highly scalable and was designed with steep growth in mind.

Portfolio view: New website for an enterprise-level video conferencing platform

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