Shiba500: a boutique growth marketing agency branding

January 28, 2020

NYC- and Barcelona-based Shiba500 is a boutique marketing agency that helps start-ups and scale-ups navigate storytelling and growth marketing. Shiba500 was seeking to create a brand new identity that would represent their modern outlook on growth marketing and showcase their bold personality. Wunderdogs worked on marketing agency branding and visual identity in February 2019.

Since Shiba500 is a marketing (and “not a design”) agency, our vision focused on integrating letters, punctuation marks and other glyphs into their core visual system. We also incorporated a crossed out shape that symbolizes empty frame and image absence throughout.

As Wunderdogs ourselves, we obviously could relate to Shiba’s naming and main brand hero – a Shiba Inu dog – which became the main inspiration for the company’s logomark and marketing agency branding overall.

Used primarily for social media and digital applications, Shiba’s logomark represents a comic speech bubble with a crossed out shape that symbolizes image absence (alluding to Shiba’s purely narrative-driven services), crowned with a pair of dog’s ears.

For headers, we used elegant antique TT Moons Thin with modern grotesque Sailec for the rest of the content.

Shiba’s palette is based on the bright Lemon highlight (#f9ff00) and muted gray (#ebebeb) on black-and-white backdrop.

Squares and rectangles with solid, non-blurred shadows and crossed out frames became the core of Shiba500 layout system in addition to barely-visible lemon glyphs and symbols that add secondary meaning to highlighted content.

Portfolio view: Visual Identity for Shiba500

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