Tech Giant Rebrands in the year of Lockdown: Tripadvisor

November 27, 2020
2 min read
Daria Gonzalez

Founded in 2000, travel advice and rankling site, Tripadvisor found the vast majority of its visitors spent just a few minutes on the platform, getting the information they wanted and then leaving. As such, the iconic brand sought to make its UX more engaging and inspire visitors to spend more time there. 

Tripadvisor now is en route to rebrand as a social media platform, offering a range of new features such as targeted content, videos, articles, recommendations, and guides from friends and family. With the new strategy not limited to the web, Tripadvisor is also revamping their mobile app to match the new brand identity.

The company unveiled its new identity at the start of the year. Among the key changes, the team simplified their logo mascot, Ollie the Owl, by reducing the color palette, refining its geometry, and enhancing the identity with a custom typeface Trip Sans. As Mother Design —the agency behind the rebrand —expressed to Design Week UK, it was an “exercise both in reduction of complexity and amplification of character.” The mascot, updated color palette, and identity provide Tripadvisor with a flexible and scalable toolkit to keep up with their expansion into a social media platform while preserving its unique and friendly personality.


Successfully updating their global icon without sacrificing the personality

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