Think Bio: Brand new identity for a synthetic biology startup

October 14, 2021
Daria Gonzalez

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Think Bioscience programs cells to build new life-saving medicines. With unique platform technology that combines applied microbiology, enzymology and data science, Think Bioscience is developing small-molecule therapeutics against challenging targets.

Having obtained early investment from Wireframe Ventures, Think Bioscience was looking to create a memorable brand that is true to their core approach of thinking like a living system not a computer.

We set out on a bold departure from the traditional tech-inspired angular shapes towards representing Think Bio’s unapologetic authenticity.  

Think Bio’s new identity is based on the idea of assembling simple components into a living system: a visual representation of the company’s unique methodology and natural powers they harness. We created a colorful mosaic that acts as a network of collaborations and exchanges where the elements coexist with one another. 

The sleek logomark emerged from that collaboration, representing the molecule connecting with protein – one of the most significant moments in Think Bio’s process of finding a cure for genetic illnesses. 

The contrast between background theme and vibrant palette creates a sense of energy and dynamism.

Our key visual was designed as an organic shape that communicates Think Bio’s focus on using natural computational methods for drug discovery, in contrast to other companies that adapt artificial computational systems to nature.


When designing Think Bio’s website, we further developed the fluid and bold visual graphics.

As the key visual was an organic shape which communicated Think Bio’s focus on natural computational methods. We used it in an engaging and unique way on the website.

The pattern is visible when users first open the website with it dynamically changing as they scroll through the website.

Bespoke iconography about ThinkBio’s values helped to create a more personal connection with the brand and also ensure brand consistency was showcased throughout the website. Using a bright colour palette for these icons also helped to visually lift the page.

The careers page allowed users to not only be able to search for jobs at Think Bio but to apply for them directly on the website. We even made attaching documentation such as CV or reports a simple process by having an attachment area.

We installed a back to top button for both mobile and desktop designs. We felt this was essential for the website as there was large amounts of content and a long scroll for the user. This simple feature helps to avoid user frustrations and provides a more user friendly experience.

Portfolio view: New brand and website for Think Bio

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