Visual Identity for Robin Golf: making a golf club for the 99%

January 28, 2020

Wunderdogs has created a brand identity for Robin Golf, a revolutionary D2C golf club brand.

With an ambitious mission of making golf a today sport instead of a someday sport, the brand provides high-quality, stylish yet affordable golf clubs directly to consumers.

Robin Golf is a golf brand for the 99%: it’s a mission driven company that strives to make golf more inclusive for the next generation of players who value personalization, diversity and approachability.

The visual language and logo created by Wunderdogs encapsulates the empathy, trustworthiness, dedication and young energy of Robin Golf; with a smooth Robin Bird icon as a primary logo mark. The symbol works well on its own and supported by a round font embedded in a thick graphical frame.

Placing the emphasis on the brand’s commitment towards bringing people into the game right here, right now, Wunderdogs developed call-to-action that acts as brand manifesto: ‘Everyone, GOlf!’.

The geometrical brand pattern strikes a balance between tradition and innovation, reflecting the nonorthodox approach to a heritage sport that is central to the brand’s ethos.

Renouncing worn-out golf color palettes of white, black and green, Robin Golf’ suggests a modern twist on the topic with turquoise, terracotta, indigo and shades of grey.

The flexible identity kit will help the company in their growth and scaling efforts.

Portfolio view: Brand Strategy and Visual identity for Robin Golf


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