Wunder Women: Rema Matevosyan

March 15, 2021
Jessica Longdon
Content Marketing Manager

It’s the second week of the Wunder Women series carrying out all through the month of March, where we recognize outstanding women leaders and pioneers on our radar.

Our second Wunder Woman this Women’s History Month is none other than Rema Matevosyan, Co-Founder and CEO of Near Space Labs. Rema began her career working as a researcher in Systems Engineering for Complex Aerospace Systems, informing the European Commission’s decisions regarding the Copernicus satellite network. She co-founded Near Space Labs, a company that provides timely wide-scale imagery from the stratosphere at down-to-earth prices, in 2017. Recently, Rema was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 as the CEO of Near Space Labs (formerly known as Swiftera).

Rema is also a recognized researcher and Emerging Space Leader by the International Astronautical Federation, a published researcher in the top journals of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and others.

What is one thing that gets you up in the morning/ keeps you going every day?

Bringing equity to the aerospace industry, working with my fantastic team, and seeing them crush boundaries and grow keep me going. 

Who is one woman who has inspired you and influenced your career?

My grandma, who was a strong, values-driven, smart, caring woman, physicist, and astronomer, inspires me.

Where do you think the aerospace industry is in terms of diversity?

The Aerospace and Earth Observation industry certainly has room to grow in terms of diversity. 

What women-led brands/organizations in any industry would you like more people to know about?

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