Wunderdogs turns 4!

October 13, 2021
Daria Gonzalez

We’ve done it. We’ve reached a major milestone – Wunderdogs is 4 years old! 

4 years is a significant amount of time. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of other things we could’ve done: get purple belts in Jiu Jitsu, become qualified carpenters, reach a 1400 Elo chess rating, launch, pivot and shutdown (multiple) startups.

Tempting as they were, we instead launched Wunderdogs. Our young pup is now 20-people strong and our wonderful team has achieved a lot in 1460 days.

  • We’ve run 200 projects, for over a 100 companies, across 5 continents 
  • Helped our clients raise $300M+ in early stage funding
  • Defined how endless products look and communicate
  • Won 12 awards 
  • Appeared on national television. 

But that’s enough about us. We’re not fans of the limelight. Instead we live vicariously through our clients’ success. In the spirit of staying behind the scenes this 4-year roundup will champion a few of the brilliant clients – and now friends – who helped make us who we are today

Led by Surbhi Rathore, Symbl is a conversational intelligence company. We met Surbhi in 2019 in Seattle. Symbl had just raised their early round and our first meeting led to an impromptu naming brainstorming, soon after we joined Surbhi and her team on their journey. 

Our work helped the team successfully navigate the Alexa Next Stage program, powered by TechStars. Soon after they went on to raise a further $6.7M in seed and their growth has not slowed since. We have been continuously impressed by the ingenuity, resilience and passion of the Symbl team. They’ve been successfully democratizing conversational AI tech, bringing it closer to enterprise, seasoned developers and AI novices alike. If you’re interested in the next big thing in Conversational AI reach out to Symbl

MindRight holds a special place in our hearts. We witnessed its beginnings at a Startup Garage class in Stanford. One of only 35 black female founders to raise $1M in venture funding, Ashley Edwards helps youth of color heal from trauma. It was a privilege to lead the MindRight rebrand during their time at Google Accelerator. Our team are huge supporters of their mission to make health care radically accessible and inclusive of communities of color and low-income families.

Coming our way from Pear VC, we’ve worked extensively with Joe Lee and Locate.ai – after a rebrand, web design and on-going creative support Locate have become close clients and partners. Locate is the world’s first tech-enabled retail real estate brokerage. They have raised ove $8M in seed and that number is set to grow in the not-too-distant future. Joe also introduced us to the incredible EO – a tight knit group of founders who helped guide us through our own business growth.

Led by Tyler Scriven, we were introduced to this Atlanta-born startup by Village Global. Saltbox is a co-warehousing solution for modern commerce businesses. They raised $10.6M in Series A and are absolutely crushing it – opening new locations all over the US. If you run a D2C business consider joining your local Saltbox. You can learn more about them on the beautiful and highly functional site we designed.

Bright Money is a financial planning solution built by an outstanding, resilient and truly global team. Bright recently raised $31M in Series A from the likes of Sequoia, Hummingbird and Falcon Edge – we spent an intense 2 months working with their executive team to prepare their brand and site for launch. Still can’t figure out how to pay your student loans? Let Bright’s algorithms do the hard work for you.

Unanimous is a new fund launched by serial entrepreneurs Akshay Oberai and Sunil Verma. We created a progressive, trustworthy and approachable brand and website to match the firm’s founder-first mentality. Check out their page – especially if you’re seeking early stage capital and a team that’ll have your back.

Brad Witteman and Bob Reid are Wunderdogs veterans: we’ve been working together since the beginning. The duo co-founded Everest – a decentralized transfer and identity platform that has been at the forefront of the crypto space for the last five years. Whats more they were the first blockchain company to receive regulatory approval for cross-border transactions using their stable coin. Onward and upward, Everest!

who would have thought working with energy folks from Houston could be so much fun! We worked directly with Quantum’s executive team to build their new content strategy and website. Quantum has been the leading provider of private equity capital to the energy industry since 1998 – if you run a company in the sector they’re the folks to know.

Salesroom is an enterprise-level video conferencing platform backed by Village Global, and launched by Roy Solomon and Daria Danilina. The team is introducing their product to market via the sleek website we designed. If you’re looking for an elevated solution to help close more deals, book an early demo – and end the Zoom struggle today.

Another Atlanta-born superstar, Sora Schools came to us via……a Tweet. Sora is re-imagining the high school experience, championing online education as an alternative solution. The company recently raised a $2.7M seed round and were thrilled to be given the opportunity to help shake up the education sector. Our new brand and website is conceptually based on thinking outside the box – the perfect metaphor for this incredible company.

Real estate giant 1Sharpe have raised over $5bn since inception. The team approached us for help re-thinking their web presence and launching a new site for their prop tech venture arm. We had a lot of fun designing, animating and building their websites and getting smart on the real estate industry.

We met Enveda through our partners at Wireframe Ventures, Viswa Colluru and his team quickly won our hearts with their passion, honesty and drive. ​​Enveda translates nature into medicine by harvesting the newest generation of small molecules. We started by collaborating on Enveda’s brand and website – and were honored to support Viswa during his Series A’s fundraising efforts that resulted in an impressive $51M round.

Another star brought to us by Wireframe Ventures, Rema Matevosyan and her team at Near Space Labs have been close partners and clients for just short of two years. Rema trusted us with her company’s pitch narrative, website and communications support – we hit it off after NSL’s seed round and supported their team all the way to a $13M Series A raise this autumn. We even got to star in CBS News’ America By Design together! We are so proud of the whole team.

We met pan-African fintech Aza three years ago, back when they were called BitPesa – they’ve been dear friends and partners since. CEO Elisabeth Rossiello – an incredibly strong leader with a fascinating story – trusted us with renaming BitPesa, building the brand architecture, crafting their story and designing a new visual identity. We learnt a huge amount on this project and it resulted in our first big design award! We stuck together from Series A to a $20M Series B and can’t get enough of their continued impact.

There it is, just a few of the brilliant companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Having circled the sun four times there’s nothing left to say but thank you. To all of our clients, partners, friends and team members, we couldn’t have made it this far without you. Now it’s time to celebrate!

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