Unanimous Capital: Creating a new brand for a founder-led VC

August 17, 2021

After several successful exits, the Unanimous Capital team received frequent invitations to act as advisors or provide capital to multiple founders wanting to replicate their accomplishments. This led them to want to create a formal fund by taking their entrepreneurial experience, and applying it at scale—but doing things differently. Unanimous positions themselves as founders helping founders through capital — “VC as a service,” as it should be. 

When scaling their organization, Unanimous Capital approached Wunderdogs to create a robust and futureproof brand, able to follow the team through different stages of fund growth and become a north star for founders seeking support.

The visual identity we created celebrates Unanimous Capital being greater than the sum of its parts. The concept is expressed through the logo – a combination of a ‘greater-than symbol and a ‘U.’ Both graphics have forward-leaning momentum, symbolizing the Fund’s progressiveness and the fresh perspective they bring to venture capital.

The color palette used throughout the visual identity and website consists of a bright red and bright blue, accompanied by navy and white. Each of these colors, again, has a corresponding darker shade to compliment it. The brightness of the red and blue signify the vivacity, newness, and innovation while being perfectly balanced by navy and white, representing the trustworthiness and stability that stems from the Unanimous team’s collective decades of experience and success.

The idea of balance between fresh innovation and prominence through experience is carried into the website’s typography. Raleway, the primary font, presents as modern and sleek while Merriweather, the secondary, presents as a more classic serif.

The imagery used in Unanimous’ identity and website is inspired by natural landscapes, architecture, and objects from everyday life. They are an abstract representation of individual elements working to create a bigger picture. 

Both the graphic elements that complement the imagery and the bespoke iconography designed with angled shapes, sharp edges, and diagonal lines reinforce the idea of dynamism while visually enhancing the website

Portfolio view: Visual Identity, Web Design, and Development for Unanimous Capital

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