We’re a team of professionals with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, operations, investing, marketing, design, and production.

Daria González

Daria’s first job was rolling cigars.
Olga Svitelska

Olga secretly loves cats.

Christian Averill
Communications Partner
Christian has played rugby on four continents.
Nathan Slavik
Editorial Strategy Partner
Nathan has a (very lucrative) degree in poetry.

Stephen Medhurst

Account Director

Steve has a Gameboy autographed by Jackie Chan

Ben Paxman

Senior Brand Strategist

Ben lived in Amsterdam for 5 years, owned a boat and failed at learning Dutch.

Christina Bruno

Strategy Partner

Christina loves dreaming up (and sometimes finishing) DIY home renovation projects.

Natalie Shirokova
Art Director
Natalie is flexible both in her mind and body.

Jeff Kyung

Art Director at Large

Jeff is a recovering ice cream addict.

Ryan Binny
Senior Digital Designer

Ryan fell off his bike on death road in Bolivia and survived.

Salma Abbassi
Senior Designer

Salma is the queen of thrifting.

James Tighe

Senior UX/UI Designer

Likes Vintage Furniture, can’t afford vintage furniture

Mark Jeffries

Senior Brand Designer

Mark was born in Papua New Guinea.

Carter Pryor

Digital Designer

Carter beat Malenia in Elden Ring without losing his mind

Viktor Yunyov

Junior Designer

Viktor designs books.

Jovan Djosic

Digital Project Manager

Jovan is a passionate Warhammer 40k player.

Nastya Kiana

Studio Manager

Approximately 2 terabytes of Nastya’s hard drive is filled with lyrics of her own making

Maja Popovic

Engineering Lead

Maja used to be a professional basketball player in Serbia.

Jackson King

Web Developer

Jackson loves reading history books on his weekends.

Moacir Sant’anna

Web Developer

Moacir is a Superman fan who likes to draw and code.