A name, identity and website for the first digital marketplace in the mining sector.




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Brand Development
UX/UI kit


Oil & Gas giant Shell and IBM have partnered to tackle the mammoth task of innovating the mining industry. An outdated and conservative sector that remains largely unchanged despite years of growth. By combining Shell’s extensive industry knowledge with IBM’s unrivaled technical expertise the partnership is creating a Smart Mining Digital Marketing place. Wunderdogs were approached to create a brand new name, visual identity and UX/UI kit for the project. Following multiple workshops and semantic exploration we arrived at Oren: a bold-sounding name derived from the masculine name “Orin” and lightly associated with natural resources —  “Ore”. On completion of the brand naming exercise the subsequent visual identity was a symbol of strength, leadership and innovation within heritage. Armed with a new brand name and visual tool kit Shell and IBM launched the Oren marketplace at IBM Think Digital Conference in May 2020.