Saltbox: helping a co-warehousing model scale

September 22, 2021

Saltbox was founded on the premise that the need for space to operate, store, and ship goods had become a major barrier for many new SMBs and e-commerce merchants that rely on online retail platforms to exist. Saltbox provides an alternative for small businesses that have otherwise been fulfilling orders out of garages and self-storage units.

The startup recently completed a $10.6 million Series A round of financing which they plan to use to expand into new markets. Saltbox, therefore, engaged Wunderdogs to evolve their website infrastructure and content strategy to consistently add new locations and product offerings, in order to effectively bring prospects into the sales funnel. 

As a new company creating a new category— logistics co-working, Saltbox needed potential clients to quickly grasp the value of their complex offering. To facilitate this, we simplified the jargon around their products and services and altered their messaging to always lead with benefits to the customers, before details of their offerings. This customer-centric approach to storytelling is best condensed and portrayed in their new tagline: “Your business grows here.”


We were presented with the opportunity to examine and optimize the existing website, mainly the user journey it offers and how copy and visual identity are expressed — within the bounds of their current brand guidelines.

Starting with conversations and workshops, we worked to understand Saltbox’s current business objectives, products, brand, marketing materials, and tech stack. We then translated this into a strategic plan, followed by execution. 

Our initial challenge was to reorganize the information that needed to be displayed in a clear and logical manner for users to easily find. We defined the sitemap and created typical user journeys to ensure the new website was as user-friendly as possible, while accurately showcasing Saltbox’s values and services.

Secondary Navigation

The implementation of secondary navigation was an intuitive and effective way for users to access specific pieces of information throughout the website. With long pages and large amounts of text, giving users control to navigate to the right sections, ensured users could find the necessary information and remain engaged, as well as reduce bounce rates.


On the locations page, we used 3D illustrations to showcase the spaces available, from warehouses to office suites. The illustrations gave users an intuitive visual experience by visualizing the spaces and potentially see themselves in them. This also creates greater engagement and interaction for users browsing the locations page.

Hover, Selected States, and Button Interactions

Another key design highlight was ensuring users could easily identify what was clickable and what was merely highlighted when hovered over.

We ensured that all links on the website had either a micro-interaction or a change in font-weight or color when hovered over, and when selected. This was vital in ensuring smooth usability and minimizing user frustration.

Book a Tour page

The ‘Book a Tour’ page was a key one for Saltbox as it is their main conversion webpage, where they’d turn visitors into customers. Our main challenge in designing this page was maintaining the same user experience across different sized devices despite the amount of text required. We also needed to ensure users got enough information about Saltbox and its offerings.

Our final interface design struck the right balance between compatibility across devices, providing just the right amount of information, and also giving users full control to navigate selected availability on Warehouse spaces and Office Suites.

Portfolio view: New content strategy and website for Saltbox

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